Cafes & Restaurants

The Bourgeois Pig Bar
The Bourgeois Pig is an unpretentious, alternative queer hipster hangout bar and tiny vinyl shop in the centre of Prague, serving amazing signature cannabis-infused drinks, cocktails and the best Martinis in town.

Bar   ·   Alcohol   ·   Cafe   ·   Good coffee   ·   Good music   ·   Nightlife   ·   Cocktails   ·   Reservation   ·   Refreshment drinks   ·  

Fan Fan Club
Today open  17:00—06:00
A small and cozy modern gay cafe-bar located next to the famous Dancing House in Prague. Flavored coffee, sweets, snacks, wide variety of strong drinks, and also fun events and interesting people are waiting for you here at Fan Fan Club!

Alcohol   ·   Czech beer   ·   Good coffee   ·   Slight meal   ·   Parties   ·  

Radost FX
Today open  11:00—02:00
Have you ever heard of a small gay-friendly oasis in the heart of bustling Prague? This is a café, bar and restaurant called Radost FX. Enjoy an exquisite meal in a pleasant atmoshphere of the restaurant or relax with other visitors in the café-bar.

Bar   ·   Cafe   ·   Restaurant   ·   Lunch   ·   Dinner   ·   Disco   ·   Parties   ·   Cocktails   ·   Refreshment drinks   ·  

Celebrity Cafe
Today open  10:00—00:00
If you are a gourmet then the Celebrity Cafe is your right choice: pleasant and informal atmosphere, beautiful interior, delicious menu, wide range of alcoholic and soft drinks, friendly barmen and stylish gay visitors. All that in the heart of the city of Prague!

Bar   ·   Cafe   ·   Good coffee   ·   Restaurant   ·   Lunch   ·   Dinner   ·   Refreshment drinks   ·  

Érra Café
Today open  10:00—00:00
One of the most successful combinations of a cozy café and noisy night bar in the center of Prague is Érra Café. Great place for spending time with friends or meeting new and enjoying great coffee, desserts and favourite strong drinks.

Bar   ·   Czech beer   ·   Cafe   ·   Cakes   ·   Pastry   ·   Slight meal   ·   Parties   ·  

Today open  12:00—02:00
A small and noisy gay bar where you can hide yourself from the bustling pace of Prague for a break: hot and refreshing beverages, original Czech beer and strong drinks, light and delicious meal. Enjoy the creative atmosphere of the bar with regular exhibition of works of famous local artists and photographers.

Bar   ·   Alcohol   ·   Czech beer   ·   Slight meal   ·   Art   ·   Parties   ·   Exhibitions   ·   Coffee   ·  

Café Bar Flirt
Today open  13:00—00:00
A modern and stylish gay bar and club in the heart of the Old Town of Prague, where you can always have fun either on your own or with friends. Visit Café Bar Flirt for a cup of good coffee, glass of fine wine, your favourite cocktail and new acquaintances.

Bar   ·   Alcohol   ·   Czech beer   ·   Cafe   ·   Good coffee   ·   Competitions   ·   Parties   ·   Refreshment drinks   ·  

Today open  10:00—23:00
One of the most luxurious and stylish gay-friendly cafes in Prague decorated in loft style. A zest of a daily assortment is original pastries and delicious light food. Moreover, all those who enjoy alcoholic drinks will be happy with the bar that includes a full ''alcohol artillery''.

Bar   ·   Cafe   ·   Cakes   ·   Pastry   ·   Slight meal   ·   Breakfast   ·   Lunch   ·   Dinner   ·  

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