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Mobile Services in Prague

If you are not a resident of the EU countries, using the mobile services in Prague with your home mobile operator in roaming can be quite expensive for you. Experienced tourists buy a prepaid SIM-Card of a local mobile operator and use it to access the Internet and make internal, as well as international calls and sending SMS. The SIM-Card usually costs up to 200 CZK.

There are three main mobile operators in the Czech Republic today: T-mobile, Vodafone и Telefónica O2. Moreover you can find a lot of another "virtual" mobile operators, e.g.: Kaktus, Student Phone etc.

We urgently recommend not to fall under influence with advertising of contract services, provided by local mobile operators if you are visiting Prague for tourism purposes.


If you lose your mobile phone you can keep in touch with your family and friends by means of the Internet clubs in the City Centre. In most cases they are marked "Call Point" and provide internet services and international calls at reasonable prices.

In any emergency situation you can use free non-stop telephone services:

  • 112 – universal emergency telephone number, available in all European Union countries,
  • 150 – fire,
  • 155 – ambulance,
  • 158 – police.

We recommend you always carry documents proving your identity, as well as travel insurance.

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