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Public Transport in Prague:
Simply, Quickly and Easily!

Use of public transport in Prague is really quite simple! The city has a uniform system of transfer tickets for all modes of transport: e. g.:

  • daytime operation: 5:00–24:00,
  • peak time interval: 2–5 minutes,
  • off-peak interval: 4–10 minutes.
  • daytime operation: 4:30–0:30,
  • peak time interval: 6–10 minutes,
  • off-peak interval: 5–20 minutes,
  • night operation: 0:30–5:00,
  • interval at night: 30 minutes,
  • central transfer stop for night operation: Lazarská.
  • daytime operation: 5:00–0:30,
  • peak time interval: 4–8 minutes,
  • off-peak interval: 15–30 minutes,
  • night operation: 0:30–4:30,
  • interval at night: 30–60 minutes.
Funicular to Petřin
  • daytime operation: 9:00–23:30,
  • summer interval: 10 minutes,
  • winter interval: 15 minutes.
Download the actual daytime operation scheme of Prague public transport:
Metro + Tram, PDF;
Metro + Bus, PDF.

Do not forget about the night operation time scheme.
  • daytime operation: 4:30–0:15,
  • interval: 10–60 minutes,
  • only local (Os) and limited-stop trains (Sp) and designated fast trains (R) can be used with a ticket.
  • daytime operation: 5:25–22:00,
  • interval: 7,5–30 minutes.

Tickets and Validation

Depending on your plans, you can buy a personal ticket with the more comfortable for you validity. For example, for 30 or 90 minutes, as well as 24 or 72 hours. For the activation of your ticket, you have to validate it with a special yellow ticket validator just once at the beginning of your trip. Tickets are valid only after they are validated.

In trams and buses, the ticket validators are near the doors. In metro stations and in the funicular, the ticket validators are on stands by the entrance to the transport area. On ferries are on board. In train operation, the ticket validators are located by the entrance to the platform or on the platform.

If you plan to move around Prague actively throughout the whole week, it makes sense to consider buying the transferable ticket valid for 30 days (fixed-period tickets without providing personal data).

All relevant personal tickets for public transport in Prague are available in almost all metro stations in advance ticket sales centres. Moreover, you can find the ticket vending machines installed at all metro stations that are accepting cash payments (coins). But some stations with intensive passenger traffic are equipped with new ticket vending machines that are accepting payments by credit card, for example at the Václav Havel Airport Prague, Prague main railway station etc.

In some cases, you can purchase the ticket from the dispatcher or in news-stands and shops at the metro station. You can also find ticket vending machines at some surface transport stops.

In case you need to buy a transferable ticket valid for 30 days, you have to visit some of advance ticket sales centres. They are located in metro stations with intensive passenger traffic.

Ticket Inspection

Transport inspectors are authorized to check the validity of your personal travel document. They prove their authorization by showing an inspection badge. The surcharge for travelling without a valid travel document has been set at 1500 CZK; if it is paid on the spot or within 15 days, it is reduced to
800 CZK. The situation is handed differently in trains.

Luggage Transport

In case of any questions you can always contact the hotline +420 296 191 817. The fare for a piece of luggage, a dog not in a carrier or a stroller without a child is 16 CZK. The time and zone validity of a ticket for a piece of luggage or a dog not in a carrier is the same as the time and zone validity of the ticket of the passenger transporting the luggage or dog, up to a limit of 300 min. Strollers with babies are transported free of charge. Bicycles are transported free of charge with the valid ticket in the metro, on ferries, on the funicular to Petřín, within the designated times on selected tram segments and on trains within Prague.

Airport — City Center

The trip from the Airport to the nearest metro station by bus will take at least 16 minutes. So, if you want to continue your way to the City Centre, you have to buy a personal ticket for 90 minutes. The best way to get to the Prague City Centre from the Václav Havel Airport Prague is to use public transport. First of all, you can take the bus No. 119 from the Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 and make a change at A "Nádraží Veleslavín" metro station and continue by metro, tram or bus. You can also use at the the Airport bus No. 100 to get metro station B "Zličín".

If your destination is the Prague Main Railway Station, you can take a bus AE, which goes every 30 minutes during daytime operation. Ticket for this route you can buy only from the driver.

At night operation time (0:15—5:00) you can get the Václav Havel Airport Prague, as well as City Centre by the night bus No. 510.

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