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Garage Club
Nrand-new gay cruising bar in the centre of Prague. Great drinks, cool atmosphere, new and clean interior. Friendly service. Possibility of private events.

Bar   ·   Alcohol   ·   Czech beer   ·   Sex   ·   Fetish   ·   Darkrooms   ·   Cruising   ·   Gays   ·   Gloryholes   ·   Porn   ·  

The Bourgeois Pig Bar
The Bourgeois Pig is an unpretentious, alternative queer hipster hangout bar and tiny vinyl shop in the centre of Prague, serving amazing signature cannabis-infused drinks, cocktails and the best Martinis in town.

Bar   ·   Alcohol   ·   Cafe   ·   Good coffee   ·   Good music   ·   Nightlife   ·   Cocktails   ·   Reservation   ·   Refreshment drinks   ·  

Chemistry bar
Today  Closed
Cocktail, music bar Chemistry is the conceptually first bar in chemical style in the Czech Republic. At the entrance you will be enchanted by the modern, luminous, glazed bar, which is set in a charming underground area with brick vaults. Unique liquid lighting, smoky, smoky drinks in lab utensils and sympathetic work in lab coats give you a unique place to spend pleasant moments with your friends. In the bar usually played EDM, house, electro, pop music. There is a dance floor located in the back of the room.

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Fan Fan Club
Today open  17:00—06:00
A small and cozy modern gay cafe-bar located next to the famous Dancing House in Prague. Flavored coffee, sweets, snacks, wide variety of strong drinks, and also fun events and interesting people are waiting for you here at Fan Fan Club!

Alcohol   ·   Czech beer   ·   Good coffee   ·   Slight meal   ·   Parties   ·  

Today  Closed
Did you know that in Prague district Zizkov you can find a new alternative bar established by ambitious girls Katka and Monica that is called ''Blaze''? This is a gay- and lesbian-friendly club that has not only loud parties but also alternative concerts, art exhibitions, readings and other cultural events.

Bar   ·   Czech beer   ·   Games   ·   Lesbians   ·   Straights   ·   Gays   ·   Live music   ·   Author readings   ·   Exhibitions   ·   Concerts   ·  

Radost FX
Today open  11:00—02:00
Have you ever heard of a small gay-friendly oasis in the heart of bustling Prague? This is a café, bar and restaurant called Radost FX. Enjoy an exquisite meal in a pleasant atmoshphere of the restaurant or relax with other visitors in the café-bar.

Bar   ·   Cafe   ·   Restaurant   ·   Lunch   ·   Dinner   ·   Disco   ·   Parties   ·   Cocktails   ·   Refreshment drinks   ·  

JampaDampa Music Bar
Today  Closed
Are you looking for a place for strong in spirit women with non-traditional sexual orientation which is also a noisy lesbian bar in Prague with entertaining shows and karaoke nights? You found it! Experience all that and even more at JampaDampa Music bar. Gays are always welcome!

Bar   ·   Alcohol   ·   Czech beer   ·   Cafe   ·   Good coffee   ·   Slight meal   ·   Disco   ·   Karaoke   ·   Lesbians   ·   Straights   ·  

Érra Café
Today open  10:00—00:00
One of the most successful combinations of a cozy café and noisy night bar in the center of Prague is Érra Café. Great place for spending time with friends or meeting new and enjoying great coffee, desserts and favourite strong drinks.

Bar   ·   Czech beer   ·   Cafe   ·   Cakes   ·   Pastry   ·   Slight meal   ·   Parties   ·  

Club 21
Today open  18:00—01:00
One of the most popular gay bar in Prague located in a few steps from the Wenceslas Square. You will spend a great evening in a pleasant atmosphere with modern music, original Czech beer or favourite strong drink, friendly barmen and interesting visitors.

Bar   ·   Alcohol   ·   Czech beer   ·   Good coffee   ·   Slight meal   ·   Parties   ·  

The Saints Bar
Today open  19:00—02:00
A small gay bar with a pleasant atmosphere, comfortable sofas, wide range of strong drinks and good music. The most popular place for the English-speaking residents and visitors of Prague.

Bar   ·   Alcohol   ·   Czech beer   ·   Parties   ·   Good music   ·  

Piano Bar
Today open  17:00—02:00
The most ''antique'' gay bar in Prague that has very original interior decorated with many interesting objects from the XX century. The unique bar where you can gamble while drinking original Czech beer! Just ask the barman for a gambling set.

Pub   ·   Alcohol   ·   Czech beer   ·   Games   ·   Parties   ·  

Club U Rudolfa
Today open  16:00—02:00
Traditional Czech gay pub in the center of Prague without pomposity, glamorous interior and lavishness which works till the last customer leaves. Great place to enjoy original Czech beer and cigarettes with friendly local visitors.

Pub   ·   Alcohol   ·   Czech beer   ·   Jukebox   ·  

Today open  12:00—02:00
A small and noisy gay bar where you can hide yourself from the bustling pace of Prague for a break: hot and refreshing beverages, original Czech beer and strong drinks, light and delicious meal. Enjoy the creative atmosphere of the bar with regular exhibition of works of famous local artists and photographers.

Bar   ·   Alcohol   ·   Czech beer   ·   Slight meal   ·   Art   ·   Parties   ·   Exhibitions   ·   Coffee   ·  

Café Bar Flirt
Today open  13:00—00:00
A modern and stylish gay bar and club in the heart of the Old Town of Prague, where you can always have fun either on your own or with friends. Visit Café Bar Flirt for a cup of good coffee, glass of fine wine, your favourite cocktail and new acquaintances.

Bar   ·   Alcohol   ·   Czech beer   ·   Cafe   ·   Good coffee   ·   Competitions   ·   Parties   ·   Refreshment drinks   ·  

Drake`s Club
open  non-stop
The only one round-the-clock gay bar and sex club in Prague. Discover a wide range of strong drinks and one of the largest spaces for sexual pleasures: darkrooms, slings, medical fetish room, video cabins with porn, gloryholes and other surprises.

Bar   ·   Czech beer   ·   Parties   ·   Darkrooms   ·   Privat room   ·   Video cabins   ·   Clinic   ·  

Today open  14:00—05:00
The first multifunctional place for gays in Prague with its own noisy bar, sex shop, video rental shop, where you can rent or buy gay porn, and also a private gay hotel. Moreover, here you can find sex club with darkrooms, slings, gloryholes, porn cinema and other hot things.

Bar   ·   Slight meal   ·   Parties   ·   Darkrooms   ·   Video cabins   ·   Sexshop   ·   Video hire shop   ·   Video projection   ·   Happy Hour   ·   Porn projection   ·   Coffee   ·  

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