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Chemistry bar
Today  Closed
Cocktail, music bar Chemistry is the conceptually first bar in chemical style in the Czech Republic. At the entrance you will be enchanted by the modern, luminous, glazed bar, which is set in a charming underground area with brick vaults. Unique liquid lighting, smoky, smoky drinks in lab utensils and sympathetic work in lab coats give you a unique place to spend pleasant moments with your friends. In the bar usually played EDM, house, electro, pop music. There is a dance floor located in the back of the room.

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Friends Club
Today open  19:00—06:00
The most popular disco club for gays in Prague which is open 7 days a week. In addition to a wide range of alcoholic drinks and energetic DJ, the club’s administration will give you a chance to take part in jolly thematic games and competitions, fashion shows, karaoke parties, concerts of famous drag queens and other surprises.

Bar   ·   Disco   ·   Karaoke   ·   Games   ·   Fashion show   ·   Competitions   ·   Dating   ·   Parties   ·   Travesti   ·  

The Escape Club
Today open  21:00—04:00
An elegant place for those who love a luxury disco nightlife! A good bar and great DJ, glamorous parties, hot sexy staff and many more other surprises wait for you in the heart of Prague at the gay disco club Escape.

Bar   ·   Alcohol   ·   Disco   ·   Games   ·   Parties   ·  

The Termax Club
Today  Closed
One of the biggest and most popular disco clubs for gays in Prague. A great place for fun and crazy drunk nights at weekends. At Termax you will have fun with your friends, meet new cute guys, enjoy your favourite alcoholic drinks and dance until the night ends!

Bar   ·   Alcohol   ·   Disco   ·   Parties   ·   Darkrooms   ·   Good music   ·  

Termix Club
Today  Closed
Visit the most popular gay disco club in Prague! Relax in a friendly and cozy atmosphere with a lot of cheerful guys, enjoy your favourite strong drinks and take part in interesting competitions and noisy parties… Enjoy all that and even more during your unforgettable night at the Termix Сlub!

Bar   ·   Disco   ·   Karaoke   ·   Parties   ·   Darkrooms   ·  

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