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Chemistry bar
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Cocktail, music bar Chemistry is the conceptually first bar in chemical style in the Czech Republic. At the entrance you will be enchanted by the modern, luminous, glazed bar, which is set in a charming underground area with brick vaults. Unique liquid lighting, smoky, smoky drinks in lab utensils and sympathetic work in lab coats give you a unique place to spend pleasant moments with your friends. In the bar usually played EDM, house, electro, pop music. There is a dance floor located in the back of the room.

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Leathers.CZ Association
A gay community in the Czech Republic for those who love BDSM, fetish and leather, founded in 2011. You will definitely appreciate a thrilling manhood and wild private club events with Leathers.CZ

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An official LGBT community of the Student Council of Czech Technical University in Prague which cooperates with the most advanced student clubs that belong to Czech universities. By the way, the club is popular not only among students but also among graduates and their friends.

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Alcedo Praha
The largest LGBT sport community in the Czech Republic that unites people with non-traditional sexual orientation and also their friends, colleagues and supporters in order to develop a sport culture.

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Prague Pride Civil Association
A non-governmental voluntary organization, whose aims are to promote tolerant civil society, fight against homophobia, increase rights of people with non-traditional sexual orientation and uphold public awareness of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities in the Czech Republic.

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Lambda Club
Czech gay community-club called Lambda, established in 1992, is established exclusively for mature representatives of sexual minorities.

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Prague Bears Association
If you are interested in strong and courageous men then check out the Prague Bears Association. Here you will find new friends, diversify your weekdays and weekends, enjoy exciting parties, guided tours and many other interesting activities.

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