Sex & Fetish Clubs

Garage Club
Nrand-new gay cruising bar in the centre of Prague. Great drinks, cool atmosphere, new and clean interior. Friendly service. Possibility of private events.

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Sabinovka Club
Today open  12:00—03:00
Do you know about a spicy sight in Prague district Zizkov which is a gay-friendly club called Sabinovka — a sex-shop with an imposing assortment, good bar and also video cabins, darkrooms and many more other things… A great place to relax in every sense of the word!

Bar   ·   Czech beer   ·   Parties   ·   Darkrooms   ·   Privat room   ·   Video cabins   ·   Sexshop   ·   Video projection   ·  

Drake`s Club
open  non-stop
The only one round-the-clock gay bar and sex club in Prague. Discover a wide range of strong drinks and one of the largest spaces for sexual pleasures: darkrooms, slings, medical fetish room, video cabins with porn, gloryholes and other surprises.

Bar   ·   Czech beer   ·   Parties   ·   Darkrooms   ·   Privat room   ·   Video cabins   ·   Clinic   ·  

The Alcatraz Club
Today open  21:00—05:00
The most popular sex fetish club in Prague whose traditions and history have taken roots from communist Czechoslovakia. The Alcatraz Club is a paradise for those who love a rough self-expression of sexual fantasies and want to meet open-minded people. Enjoy a dark basement atmosphere decorated with elements of prison cells, daring thematic parties and also two bars with a wide range of strong drinks!

Bar   ·   Czech beer   ·   Parties   ·   Fetish   ·   Darkrooms   ·   Video cabins   ·   Nightlife   ·   Refreshment drinks   ·   Entrance fee   ·   Subscription   ·   Coffee   ·  

Today open  11:00—05:00
The first multifunctional place for gays in Prague with its own noisy bar, sex shop, video rental shop, where you can rent or buy gay porn, and also a private gay hotel. Moreover, here you can find sex club with darkrooms, slings, gloryholes, porn cinema and other hot things.

Bar   ·   Slight meal   ·   Parties   ·   Darkrooms   ·   Video cabins   ·   Sexshop   ·   Video hire shop   ·   Video projection   ·   Happy Hour   ·   Porn projection   ·   Coffee   ·  

Factory Club
Today open  21:00—09:00
One of the biggest sex fetish club in Prague — the perfect place for a successful realization of the most intimate sexual fantasies and desires. Follow your instincts and feelings in more than 400 dissolute square meters, covered with an impudent industrial atmosphere for cruising!

Bar   ·   Czech beer   ·   Slight meal   ·   Parties   ·   Fetish   ·   Cruising   ·   Video cabins   ·   Sexshop   ·   Video projection   ·   Coffee   ·  

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