May 11th 12:00 → May 17th 22:00
Prague Design Week 2015
Design Week
   ·   Kafkův dům   ·   Nám. Franze Kafky 24/3, 11000 Praha 1 - Nové Město   ·   ·   facebook

In November 2014 the first year od the designers’ exhibition called Prague Design Week took place. It had a different concept, showed above all the creative process of Czech design. Look forward to the second year, which is planned for May 2015.

Prague Design Week – designers exhibition continues the tradition in many developed countries of regularly organizing an exhibition of not only contemporary design in their capital cities. Out of the need to present, to those who care for design, creativity, new ideas, skills, technology and hence even the products of Czech and foreign designers, craftsmen and producers, we annually showcase this event in a different concept than the one you may be used to in the Czech Republic. Prague Design Week focuses on telling stories about design and wants to show the final product as a process from the initial idea through sketches and prototypes to the finished product.

The basic entrance fee: - CZK
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